"To visually see what Golden Tree immediately does, feed it to a plant in the vegetative state that does not look like the neon green leaf on the label. Within 48-72 hours the new plant growth will be vibrant & neon green like the leaf on the label. It is not magic, it is Golden Tree."

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How To Use

1) Remove all nutrient supplements currently in use.

2) Raise your base nutrient solution in your resevoir to between 800-1100 PPMs, or EC to 1.6-2.0 ( Closer to 800 PPM's in veg and closer to 1100 PPM's in flower, or closer to 1.6 EC in veg and 2.0 EC in flower)

3) Add Golden Tree at 2ml per gallon in veg and 5ml per gallon in flower.

4) It's that simple.

Our Mission Statement

To make growing simple, exciting, and easier to succeed at. We will succeed as a fertilizer company if you can succeed as a grower.

20 Years Of Success

20 Years Of Trial And error have Translated Into Golden Tree

Our team of scientists, chemists, and old-school Humboldt growers formulated Golden Tree.

Guaranteed Results

Results speak louder than words. Look online, ask a friend, or try the 2oz size. Prepare to be amazed how simple growing can be.

See results with the new plant growth within 48-72 hours.

The Best Hydro Nutrient

Rather than having a dozen nutrient additives such as Silica, Root Stimulators, Sweeteners, Accelerators, Enhancers, Finishers, and More, we give the opportunity to the grower to use just one - Golden Tree.

It makes growing easy and it will give you peace of mind.

Amazon Reviews

10/10 Would Buy Again

"They grew incredibly fast and healthy the whole time. Extremely impressed."


Awesome Product to Increase Yields!

"I chose to give this product a 5 star review as it really did what it was advertised to do. I have been growing for 5+ years and using Golden Tree led to my best harvest yet. It also replaced my Bud Candy, Canna Boost, and Roots Excelurator. I recommend this product to all growers, and have turned a few friends on it as well."
Grower Guy
Arrived Quickly And Worked Perfectly

"Definitely did everything it was advertised to do, and I wouldn't spend my money on anything else after the results I got."