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Ben Garber was a grower who was known for producing the best flowers in Southern California. After a run in with the law many years ago he decided to change industries.Garber decided to make something out of a miraculous recipe he had acquired from a growing family who he regularly visited in Garberville, California, deep in the heart of the "Emerald Triangle" of Humboldt County. Ben decided to call this recipe Golden Tree because any tree that got a taste of the recipe always seemed to turn to gold. Golden Tree was made for growers by growers. The mission statement of Humboldts Secret is to help growers succeed. When the grower wins, we all win.


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Although we consider Golden Tree the all-in-one additive and the only nutrient additive that is necessary for a successful grow, we have found that some people will still use additional nutrient additives in their recipes such as flowering boosters and enzymes. It is your preference as a grower whether or not to use additional additives on top of Golden Tree.

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I was amazed at the flowers

By Steve D. Smith on January 10, 2015

Size: 16 Ounce | Verified Purchase

I did a lot of research on this product after a friend suggested it. Still, I was very very hesitant to try something new on my crop. So what I did was use it on a very small part of my crop and waited on week to see the results. I was amazed at the flowers. What a quick change for the better. I was buying some very expensive imported nutrients and now I'm very happy I found Golden Tree which is made right here in the USA.

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Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!!

By S. Palmer "CommonCents" on June 12, 2014

Size: 4 Quart | Verified Purchase

I am so glad I found this product. Every since I started using it I have seen a big jump in quality, flower production and taste quality. And my yields increased by 28% in my last grow. I am an expert hydroponics grower and have experience about every success and disaster imaginable. I have tossed all the other additives and now simply grow with GH Micro, Gro and Bloom + Golden Tree. I run my ppm's in veg right at 1600 and in bloom at 1800 (but no higher), and I use Golden Tree start to finish. This stuff is something I'll never go without.

28 of 30 people found the following review helpful

I am always ready to be disappointed with so called miracle products

By C. Sturdivant on March 31, 2015

Size: 2 Ounce | Verified Purchase

I am always ready to be disappointed with so called miracle products, but the price seemed reasonable and I gave it s shot. I had a tomato plant that refused to thrive, and added Humboldts to my watering can for a few watering cycles. My tomatoes grew! And set more tomatoes than on my other plants. I'm a believer, though I'd like to see how the plant does the plant does the rest of the season, before I definitively believe it was this product. But, so far so good. I'll continue using for my other veggies and see how it goes.

by Humboldts Secret

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You will be happy when you decide to try Golden Tree. Turn your trees to gold with Golden Tree today.

An example of using Golden Tree with one of the many nutrient lines that are on the market:

  • Grower Review - Colorado Commercial Grower

  • After treating my sick rose with Golden Tree it started growing. Just to think, that I almost gave up on this plant.

Grower Review

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Alternative To Canna Boost - Lasts 3X Longer
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This Jasmine was only fed 2 gallons of water once a week with 30ml/gallon of Golden Tree, 6x the recommended dose, starting on April 11th, 2014 This is what the Jasmine looked like on May 1st, 2014, 20 days later.


In Veg: Add 2ml per gallon of Golden Tree into your reservoir. Then, add base nutrient into your reservoir until your PPM levels of the reservoir mixture reaches about 1000 (Hanna Scale, which is 2.0 in EC.) Remember that this is a rough estimate. Strains vary, some will enjoy higher PPM's and some lower.

In Flower: Add 5ml per gallon of Golden Tree into your reservoir. Then, add base nutrient into your reservoir until your PPM levels of the reservoir mixture gets reaches about 1300 (Hanna Scale, which is 2.6 in EC.) Remember that this is a rough estimate. Strains vary, some will enjoy higher PPM's and some lower.

Note: An additional calcium and magnesium supplement may be needed.

Use at half-dose in Aeroponics & Hydroponics.

Our Mission Statement

Best Fertilizer Organic

To make growing simple, exciting, and easier to succeed at. We will succeed as a fertilizer company if you can succeed as a grower.

20 Years Of Success

Twenty Years

20 years of trial and error have translated into Golden Tree

Our team of scientists, chemists, and old-school Humboldt growers formulated Golden Tree.

What Does Golden Tree Do?

Best Fertilizer Golden Tree

-Golden Tree stimulates and enhances the development and growth in plants by enhancing nitrogen assimilation and basal metabolism.

-Enhances photosynthesis and cell division while also increasing protection against fungal, bacterial, and viral infections in plants by accumulating several phenylpropanoid compounds (PPCs) with antimicrobial activity.

-Induces an increase in the level of essential oil and cellulose content.

-Enhances pathogen defense

-Accelerates root and plant growth

-Improves the health and strength of plants

-Fruits become fuller

-Increases oil production

-Practically all aspects of the plant are enhanced by the combination of compounds present in Golden Tree.

The Best Hydro Nutrient

Rather than having a dozen nutrient additives such as silica, root stimulators, carbohydrate loaders, accelerators, enhancers, and more, we give the opportunity to the grower to use just one - Golden Tree. Additional additives can still be used.