A Review of Humboldts Secret Golden Tree’s Performance in my Own Little “Nutrient Challenge 2013”

green-walkwaySome of you probably read my last write-up on that great “Nutrient Challenge” article I caught a while back.  To refresh your memory or for those that didn’t, here’s that article link:


So, after deciding to stage my own version of the “Nutrient Challenge,” for the betterment of growers kind everywhere (actually just so I could figure out if I needed to find a better nutrient or not for myself..hahaha), I had to decide what other nutrients I would use to challenge the earlier “Champ” – Advanced Nutrients.  It was a pretty easy decision because for my last two crops I had completed them with Humboldts Secret Golden Tree, and I had been more than happy with the growth and size of my plants’ yields, so I was naturally curious to pit it against Advanced Nutrients’ Bud Candy to see who’d come out on top.

When that article was written back in 2004, Golden Tree really wasn’t on my radar. I don’t think it was even on the market back then, but I’m not sure. At any rate, I really wanted to see how Advanced Nutrients would hold up against my current product that I was pretty happy with.

I followed the methodology basically the same as the article I shared above except that instead of a 6 product battle, I simply pitted Advanced Nutrients against Golden Tree.

Advanced Nutrients did do a satisfactory job, as I was well expecting.  (I’ve used them before in the past and am well aware of their good reputation in growers circles), but I have to say that I’m going to be sticking with my Golden Tree as I found about a 30% advantage on its growth rate and leaf size compared to the former champ, Advanced Nutrients.


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