A Very Short FYI About Growing, Nutrient Charts, and Golden Tree

Golden Tree

Golden Tree

Every grow is different. If your plants are yellowing, feed them more base nutrient (N-P-K), they are hungry. If the tips are beginning to burn because of nutrient burn, edge back on the base nutrient. There is no perfect amount to give. Every plant is different, and every grow is different in every medium. Do not just listen to directions on the lines of bottles. Figure out things for yourself by playing with them. These charts on bottles are as much of a problem as GPS is with driving. When you rely on it too much, the time when it doesn’t work you will really be lost, whereas if you just learned to ask for directions and learn through finding it on your own you will never be lost.

This is why we have not made a specific chart for our product Golden Tree to be used

Green Planet Base Nutrients with Golden Tree

A very complicated nutrient chart

with other companies bases. We have only supplied a range of PPM’s for the base nutrients to be added. They are around 800ppm’s in veg, 1100ppm’s in flower, and 1400 ppm’s at the end when blooming is peaking.) You may use less or more depending on how your plants talk to you. You must know how to use a PPM or EC Meter in order to become a good grower. Then, you will know how to manipulate and change feedings for plants that you otherwise did not know how to before. Creativity is one of human beings most powerful abilities besides imagination.