Advanced Nutrients With Golden Tree

Best Tip for Advanced Nutrient Users: Advanced Nutrients are some of the most expensive nutrients on the market and have the reputation of being one of the best and most reliable nutrient companies. However, the prices of the nutrient additives are so high that it is cutting deep into the profits of the growers every harvest and is almost unusable because so…But have you ever stopped to think why the need for SO many additives and plastic? Why cannot it all be in the same bottle to save money? Well, the answer is actually quite ironic; money is the reason for not saving money. Nutrient companies dream up lavish names for nutrients and “separate” each additive so that it can be sold separately. This allows them to rake in the most profit. Get the same if not better results by switching out all the extra additives for Golden Tree ALL in One Nutrient. Believe us and thousands of other growers when we say that nothing will change and your plants will actually be healthier and fuller. Save money every grow and still take advantage of advanced nutrient excellent base nutrients. Our motto is grow smarter; not harder!


Advanced Nutrient Vegetative Chart

Vegetative State Nutrient Chart for Advanced Nutrient and Golden Tree


Advanced Nutrient Chart for Bloom / Flower Phase

Advanced Nutrient Chart for Bloom / Flower Phase

Remember – The chart above states that you can save roughly $500 for every 10 gallon reservoir per grow. Growers with greenhouses or multiple lights could potentially save thousand and thousands of dollars a year. Golden Tree’s formula is proven and has been lab tested for guaranteed results and accuracy. Golden Tree is the best hydroponics nutrient