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Pot Music

Pot, Pot, Pot Music…(Repeat)…Playing Music (and Talking) to Your Plants To Enhance Growing Yields:   We all know as growers that we have to give our plants a lot of tender loving care in order to achieve the best results.  After all, we take care of our plants, and with a successful crop, they ultimately take… Read More »

This Saint Paddy’s Day, how ‘green’ will the Emerald Isle actually be?

This Saint Paddy’s Day, how ‘green’ will the Emerald Isle actually be? Here in the good old US of A, millions of partygoers nationwide will enjoy a typically raucous and well “lubricated” Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.  The historically large amount of Irish immigration and descent in this country has guaranteed a plethora or options nationwide… Read More »

Fox Farm & Golden Tree Grow Chart

Some people love growing in soil and swear by it! Many smokers and growers know that well grown “soil” cannabis has more flavor and aroma versus the fully blown out hydro version. Fox farm is a well know company that produces some very high quality soil and additives. If you are a soil grower and… Read More »

Spending Less While Making More: Strategies for Growers To Save Money

  Resource Management Strategies for Hydroponics Growers:  Spending Less While Freeing Up Resources for More Investment into Making Better Crops, Better Product.  When we look closely at what’s going on at the grass-roots level with the dynamic between hydroponics growers and hydroponics stores, we can see some interesting things going on. We can also easily… Read More »