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CANNA’s – Cannazym:

cannazymCannazym is a specialized enzyme product that is designed to benefit your plants in three main areas.   The first is in helping to eliminate dead root material.  The more than 12 different kinds of enzymes contained in the product aid in the breakdown of this material and conversion of it back into useful nutrients – minerals and sugars – for the plant and well as the substrate soil or grow medium health. The faster that old, dead root material can be cleared out of the way, the less chance that negative pathogens can promulgate on the dead material and threaten healthy new roots.  Secondly, vitamins added to the product further help the promote new root growth, and thirdly,  the addition of a “special substance” that has been isolated and added from “desert plants” is designed to activate your plants natural defense systems to help fight off any pathogens targeting the root environment.

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