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Hydro Nutrients

Hydro Nutrients -  Taking Your Skills to the Next Level for Expert Management of Your Hydro Nutrients Solution (Unit Lesson One, Water Purity and How It Relates to Your Hydro Nutrients Plan: The growing team at Humboldts Secret Golden Tree is always striving to refine growing techniques and learn more in order to be able… Read More »

Recirculating Nutrient Chart – Golden Tree

Golden Tree is an ALL in one nutrient supplement and can be used for soil and hydroponics (aeroponics, aquaponics, deep water etc…). However, this nutrient chart is for recirculating water reservoir grows and is not intended for soil grows. Golden Tree Recirculating Nutrient Chart – Feel free to print these charts out and hang them… Read More »

What happens if you grow your marijuana without using nutrients or if you give too much nutrients to your plants?

We live in an “organic” age where “all natural” and “green” methods have adopted an aura of being the most pure and beneficial for producing things that we are going to consume into our bodies, right?  While all of this is true, it doesn’t amount to any growing expert wanting to tell you to not… Read More »