Why My Clones Yellow?

Over Watered Clones look droopy and 'sad'.

Over Watered Clones look droopy and ‘sad’.

cloneCloning is used to save a grower time… and time is money when growing! Clones are always female (granted they are cut from a mother), root faster then seed and are easy to DIY. You will need a clone tray, clone gel or powder (can be bought online or even at Homedepot), sharp cutters, small rock wool cubes, spray bottle and T5 or low watt light to clone.

Most people make the mistake of over watering their clones (see image above) or spraying them with nutrients and water daily to keep them moist. In fact, less is more when it comes to watering clones. Are your clones looking yellow? you might be over watering or over nutrienting them. Think about it for a second… clones are cuts of plants and do not have root systems to absorb nutrients or drink tons of water. Further more the plant does not need to grow foliage, but rather mainly focus on root production right? A plant requires minimal if not any nutrients to grow roots, much like a seed will germinate and grow without nutrients. It requires water and hormones provided by the cloning gel and or powder and does not need to be nutrient-ed to death in order to root.

Adding Golden Tree Nutrients to my Clones:

Roots are sticking out the bottom of the rock wool cubes. Clones are ready to start being fed lightly.

Roots are sticking out the bottom of the rock wool cubes. Clones are ready to start being fed lightly.

Only, once the root system is “mature” enough to┬ástart absorbing nutrients you should start seeing small roots sticking out of the bottom of the rock wool cubes. Light light light…I cannot stress enough use the lightest nutrient mix possible as to not shock the fragile root system of the newly rooted clones. Mix 0.25 ml – 0.5ml of Golden Tree with a gallon of water and add it to the spray bottle. Pick up and spray ONLY the bottom of each cube lightly with the solution once every 1-3 days, depending on the “feel” of the cubes. Do not soak the cubes! The cubes should feel damp, but not wet.

Nurturing clones can feel quite tedious, but remember the healthier you can keep your crop from start to finish the more buds you will produce.

2 thoughts on “Why My Clones Yellow?

  1. I always used to have the worst looking clones! They rooted, but they were yellow, drooping and looked sad. One day a buddy told me I was over watering them. wow, what a difference. I only water them every 2-3 days now when I used to spray them daily. They stay green the whole time and root a couple days sooner then when they looked yellow. Never tried using a nutrient on clones, think it is unnecessary, but I guess when it has roots it should work right?

    1. You should use light nutrients on your clones only once the roots are showing like the article says. Have you tried using Golden Tree on them? I have heard it works great and ordered a free sample for my clones :) I will let you know the results

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