Co2 Tank

Co2 Tank

All plants thrive off of CO2 consumption as part of the photosynthesis cycle.  Higher levels of CO2 made available to your plants can dramatically increase your plants’ yield.  There are several ways you can increase the amount of C02 intake to your plants for best results.

In general, normal fresh air has about 390 parts per million of CO2.  Your plants can handle up to 1500-2000 PPM.  So how do you provide them with that extra CO2 kick you might ask?

Hydroponics stores will carry simple CO2 delivery systems that will allow you via a tank and tubing (punctured with tiny holes) to deliver CO2 directly to the tops of your plants (pipe has to be run across your alignment of plants).  Remember that C02 is heavier than air, so it is always going to “settle” and gravitate downward to the plants while they suck it up eagerly.

You are going to need to make sure to coordinate your ventilation fan system so that it will always be OFF when the C02 is flowing, otherwise, you’ve just wasted your CO2 in that it can’t effectively concentrate and target the tops of the plants where it needs to be!

These delivery systems can get pretty pricey, but the good news is that there’s always a home-grown method (pun intended) when it comes to growing in your home.


-       Generation as a byproduct of fermentation -  Consider  saving that C02 your making from your other venture, home brewing and letting your plants join in on the fun!

-       Using Dry Ice – although weighing the costs versus buying a proper C02 delivery system at the store might make this preclusive or inconvenient, although it would look really cool, especially around Halloween time!

-       Mixing vinegar and baking soda

-       Direct spraying of the leaves with soda water.  After it hits them, it will release its tiny bubbles directly to their leaf pores.

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