Does Pot Smoking Make For Better Sex?

The Little Blue Pill Versus the Little Green Bag: Does Pot Smoking Make For Better Sex?

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Pot smoking is one of a few things on God’s Green Earth ™ that gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure.  I feel the same way about a well-aged bottle of scotch or bourbon, and I damn sure feel the same way about singing karaoke or having great sex. If I’m able to combine any of the above into a “perfect pleasure cocktail™” then, hell, I might as well have died and gone to heaven.

I recently became more aware of some interesting research done dealing with the relationship of pot smoking and sex.  William Novak, in High Culture: Marijuana in the Lives of Americans identified that the same region of the brain, the temporal lobe, is affected by both marijuana and sexual arousal. What’s the reason behind this?

 As it turns out, THC, which is the key ingredient in pot giving us a buzz instigates a high in our brains by inducing the release of dopamine and it exactly replicates the effects of the important neurochemical, anandamide.  That name in and of itself probably doesn’t ring a bell for you, but just know that in your brain it’s responsible for enhancing the “pleasure principal,” and guess what, it’s also been discovered in chocolate! 

big-buds2For me, it’s been a boost: The benefits of having heightened senses and making me feel extra connection to my partner have become true aphrodisiacs in every sense of the word, but I do know some couples where one partner is all fired up after smoking some weed, while the other is so mellowed out, that any immediate sexual gymnastics are either out of the picture or physically impossible.  So, I’d have to say that the “little green bag”, can be a mixed bag, depending on the people involved.    

 Some folks can get in the mood just after light or moderate toking while others might need to be heavily buzzed before being ready to do the horizontal tango. So, the jury’s still out for many folks on this, but I am happy to report from my end of the pleasure dome, that pot is always a part of the repertoire and is right up there alongside the lava lamp, satin sheets, and Barry White’s greatest hits collection.  Bow, chica, bow bow…pass the weed.  

6 thoughts on “Does Pot Smoking Make For Better Sex?

  1. I too prefer smoking pot before sexing my boo. It helps both of us relax and enjoy each other more. I do know a few people who have trouble getting the will to have sex after smoking though, but I think as long as you are not too high that it will enhance your love life. It’s definitely something to try to spice up a relationship!

  2. I know everyone is different, but I have never talked to a pot advocate whom didn’t enjoy sex more after smoking. For me, it’s simple: smoking makes me less sensitive and able to last longer while still feeling all the great sensations sex has to offer. It’s the strangest thing. And honestly makes me want to have sex stoned the majority of the time.

    Downside, being, sometimes cottonmouth creeps into the bedroom after smoking. This, of course, isn’t directly related to the sexual experience (you don’t have to kiss) but it can still take away some enjoyment.

  3. I know several people who enjoy the benefits of marijuana, from stress relief, to legitimate and serious health conditions. I fully believe in the power of this herb to heal and reduce many ailments, and perhaps sexual arousal, or lack thereof, is one. I would, however, warn against too much of a good thing, as no one likes a sleepy – or lazy – partner!

  4. I’ve not tried this yet, but it’s certainly on my checklist now! Both my boyfriend and I react rather similarly when we smoke (although he does get a bit more mellowed), so hopefully this works out well. It sounds like a really nice way to make everything more exciting and sensual on a whim.

  5. I agree with it has to do with the person. There are people who smoke weed and they feel none side affects but that’s probably because he’s so use to it. I know for myself I don’t think I’ll need weed to have fun.

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