Recirculating Nutrient Chart – Golden Tree

Golden Tree is an ALL in one nutrient supplement and can be used for soil and hydroponics (aeroponics, aquaponics, deep water etc…). However, this nutrient chart is for recirculating water reservoir grows and is not intended for soil grows.

Golden Tree Recirculating Nutrient Chart – Feel free to print these charts out and hang them in your grow room to “check off” the passing weeks. 

Directions: The Nutrient chart below is an example of a grower using the Flora Series three part nutrient base. Instead of purchasing ALL those expensive Rapid Start, Kool Bloom, Floralicious or any other “additive”, simply just apply Golden Tree. Save time and money on each and every harvest with an all in one nutrient instead of buying and adding  each nute, or additive separately.

Although the image is an example of how to use Golden Tree with the Flora Series, the rule is simple…Remove ALL nutrient supplements that you are currently using – as Golden Tree is a complete Nutrient Supplement. Raise the PPM level of your base nutrient solution to between 800-1100. Then, add 2ml per gallon of Golden Tree during the vegetative state, and 5ml per gallon during all of flowering phase. Stop use one week before harvest.

Recirculating / Nutrient Chart

Hydroponic Nutrient Chart Using Flora Series and Golden Tree

Golden Tree can be used in any feeding program to simply ones grow. Use the base nutrients of the Nutrient Company of your choice (advanced, flora series, dutch, fox farm etc…), but instead of purchasing their “money making” nutrient additives to go along with the base nutes, purchase an all in one nutrient like Golden Tree. Here is an example of how a grower could potentially save hundreds of dollars using Golden Tree with a base nutrient of Green Planet.

Green Planet Base Nutrients with Golden Tree

Green Planet Nutrient Feeding Chart with Golden Tree

4 thoughts on “Recirculating Nutrient Chart – Golden Tree

  1. I currently use Great White Mycorrizae in my grow regimen……Does Golden Tree have micro life in it or should I continue to use it with Golden Tree?

    1. Continue to use it with Golden Tree. Golden Tree does not have “live” bacteria as Great White. It is safe to use with the bacteria and will work excellent together. They will like the less harsh nutrients and colorings and should thrive with Golden Tree. I used to use Great White, very good stuff!

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