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FloraBlendGENERAL HYDROPONICS’ – FloraBlend:

GH corners the vegan hydroponics market with this one. (We weren’t even aware that there was a “vegan plant booster” market before we saw this ;) ) Rest assured – there are no animal derived ingredients contained in the mixture. Instead, it’s a healthy blend of plant materials rock powders, seaweed, and micronized Leonardite. The organic compounds that comprise the product are a result of GENERAL HYDROPONICS use of microorganisms that are fed food sources under a hyper oxygenated environment. The enzymes, organic acids and metabolites that come out of this as the results help enervate your plant and increase it’s metabolic processes.  It’s good to use during germination, vegetative, flowering, and ripening stages of plant growth, and is equally successful in hydroponics or soil.  So if you want to be 100% sure that you’re being a good vegan, here’s an option for you.

One Gallon Golden TreeEDITOR’S NOTE: HUMBOLDTS SECRET GOLDEN TREE easily replaces GENERAL HYDROPONICS’ FloraBlend and hundreds of other products currently on the market!

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