Flowering Stage

Flowering Stage

Flowering Stage

Once you have made it this far, you can start to pat yourself on the back for nearly reaching your goal!  That being said, as an indoor grower, how do you determine when it is best to switch from the vegetative stage over to the flowering one?  That’s a good question, and one that you’re essentially going to have to answer for yourself.

Determine what your goals are and what size plants you wish to grow.  Factors may include how soon you need “product” or how much space you have to grow larger plants.   Since it only takes about two weeks for your plants to hit the vegetative state, you can switch over starting then if you are going to be happy with small, single bud plants.  On the other hand, if you want to produce some real whoppers you could run the total four or five months before switching over for a maximum yield.

You can make your plants begin the switch simply by changing their lighting cycle to a 12 hours on and 12 hours off pattern. Indicas will typically double in height after this point, and sativas will triple.   Expect hybrids to fall somewhere in the middle of the two.


When you are trying to figure out when to make the switch from vegging to flowering you have to take into account the added height that is going to occur.   Make sure to have enough room for expansion above the plants before they collide and conflict with your limitations on lighting/ceiling height.  Plan ahead to avoid a disaster.  Nothing would be worse than to have successfully nurtured your crop this far only to be faced with huge, healthy plants that you are forced into cutting early because you can no longer keep stored under the lights as they’ve outgrown your growing room.

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