Fox Farm & Golden Tree Grow Chart

Some people love growing in soil and swear by it! Many smokers and growers know that well grown “soil” cannabis has more flavor and aroma versus the fully blown out hydro version. Fox farm is a well know company that produces some very high quality soil and additives. If you are a soil grower and need a nutrient chart for your grow room,; then feel free to print the chart below and check off the weeks on the left hand side.

You will need to purchase some high quality Fox farm Soil ( do not buy Home Depot Soil, or soil that has nutrients already added). Get the Fox Farm 3 part nutrients, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and Liquid Plant Food. Purchase a bottle of Golden Tree and use it accordingly with the base nutrients. Follow the directions on the bottle as well as print the chart as a guide or reference.
Fox Farm Nutrient Chart

“Using Golden Tree in soil based grows has produced some exciting growth results and has the ability to double root size.”
Elterson Boudoir – FCD Plant and Fertilizer Science

“Golden Tree replaces all the unnecessary additives and simplifies the grow. Cutting costs and time is an important part of running the one of the biggest greenhouses in America”
Gary Linn - Rocket Farms