What do yellow leaves mean?

yellowtip_leavesNothing is worse than walking in your growroom to find your plants healthy as always, but starting to develop yellow leaves or leaf tips. Most people reach for the nutrients, or adjust the room temperature lower, however the answer is much easier than that…Golden Tree.

I find that stopping all nutrients for a week and supplementing a 3/4 dose of Golden Tree causes new growth to be greener and eventually gets rid of the yellowing. It is recommended to only use this “revival” cycle for 1 week of early stages of flower, and 3-4 weeks if you are still in vegetative state.

Yellow leaves normally attributes to too strong nutrients so please check your PH balance before starting the regime. Goodluck

One thought on “What do yellow leaves mean?

  1. Thanks for the great trick, works wonders on my plants… I was over watering and over dosing :) I think grower like me just get excited and want results so try to speed up the process.

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