How To Cut Costs Growing Indoors And Keep The Quality

Cut costsHello growers, I am sure that all of you out there in the growing community of indoor growing are wondering how you can grow the same quality and not compromise the quality of your end buds.  Considering you do quite a lot of labor it is only fitting that you want to harvest the best quality flowers.

We recommend that you do the math on your nutrient mixes.  That is right, figure out how much water/nutrient solution your plants drink throughout a whole harvest, and figure out the cost of all of the nutrients you are putting in your reservoirs.  You will have to do a little math with breaking down the dosage of each bottle you are using, but this is essential in order to find out how to cut costs.  Some people think a bottle that costs $300 is expensive, but actually can be much cheaper than a $100 bottle. If the usage rate is 2ml/gallon in the $300 bottle and 20ml/gallon in the $100 bottle this can make the $100 bottle actually cost $1000!

It is important to do the math when entering into growing indoors, or growing anything for that matter.  It is often too overlooked, and it should not be.

Also, another way to cut costs it to use soil in very large pots.  This does two things to save money:

Fox Farm Potting soil

Fox Farm Potting soil

1) Soil is loaded with fertilizer and N-P-K already, so you do not need to purchase extra nutrient bottles to compensate.

2) The large pots will make for larger plants, if you let them grow larger, and spare you money in the fact that you do not need to buy more plants to fill the space, or you can sell off your extra ones to local dispensaries or friends.

Care Program

Care Program Electricity Statement

Another way to cut costs is in the form of electricity.  Look into your states electricity programs for the low income.  Savings can be GINORMOUS!  A $900 bill can be only $400 sometimes, as it reduces the cost of the higher tier usage rates.  Meaning, if you use a lot of electricity, electricity companies usually like to charge you more for the more electricity you use.  These programs change that as well as reduce you lower tier charges per kilowatt as well.

Another way to cut costs growing indoors is to flush with water rather than any other products.

And of course, how can we not promote our own product?  We recommend not only to indoor growers, but to all outdoor growers as well to use Golden Tree.  It can simplify things, save you headache, and save you money.