How To Grow Weed: Day 1


80,000 Watt grow that in the future you will be the Master Grower of calling the shots.

Here is the 1st of 30 articles on How to Grow Weed. It is a 30 day marathon. If you read it and follow it wisely, you will be on your path to becoming a Master Grower.

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Also, for additional information on how to grow, you may visit GrowerMD’s Youtube.  He has a couple hundred videos detailing with great quality how to grow.  Here is one of the videos of his for a quick link.

Also, Hygro Hybrid does a great job, but he costs $.99 per month for a subscription  to watch.  Here is a video him as well.  Since it takes a subscription to watch him, we have cut out a slot of one of his videos.  Search for him simply on YouTube by searching for “Hygro Hybrid”

This depicts a relative true picture of the future you are embarking into.  Some things may be different depending on what year and state you decide to start on the road.

So you want to grow weed eh?  It is a long road.  You could end up free as a whistle with more flowers and wealth than you ever dreamed, or you could end up like the dreaded many who end up failing and unable to conquer the many obstacles they encounter.  Will you survive?  Will you make it?  Do you have what it takes to win?  Will the plants stay alive?  Will you know what to spend your money on and how to save it?  Will you be able to afford electricity, not be able to afford it, or lack enough intelligence to steal it?  After you embark on this road you will be hit with many trials and tribulations on the journey to becoming a Master Grower.

Definition of a Master Grower:  One that can take any grow of any size and scenario that is failing, analyze what is going wrong, and convert it into a successful and profitable one, both for the plants and for your bank accounts.

So first thing is first, you need to decide for 100% sure you are going to do this.  You are going to grow marijuana.  You are going to start growing weed.  You are going to be successful and you will succeed.  Nothing will stop you.  There is no turning back.   You cannot go back.

Now that you have decided that you cannot go back, let’s start.


In order to grow marijuana and not be quite that liable for the illegalities of it, at least on a federal level, you will have to get a doctors recommendation.  Each state is different, but you simply have to type into Google “Local Marijuana Doctors recommendations” or search on WeedMaps for them.

Doctor's Recommendation for Marijuana

Doctor’s Recommendation for Marijuana

If it is not legal to grow in your state at least on a state level, don’t grow there.  It’s not worth it.  Pick up and move, and go to another state to grow where it is at least semi-legal. I suggest Colorado or California.  Once you are here, and after you have attained your doctors recommendation by making an appointment and telling the doctors your ailments, it is time to move on.  Also, don’t buy into any “growers permits” these so called marijuana doctors try to sell you.  They are 100% made up and not given any credit on a state or federal level.  They have been fabricated by the medical marijuana doctor industry from the fact that when supply and demand drove down the price on normal recommendations at first, they had to formulate a new expensive thing called “growers permits” to sell and extract the money from the unknowing and uneducated public.

State Issued Medical Marijuana Identification Card

State Issued Medical Marijuana Identification Card

Now, after you have your doctors recommendation locate your county health services department.  There, if the state issues one, you can apply to get your state issued medical marijuana card.  This is the real card that can protect you from the police that want to mess with you.  The state card gives you real protection from prosecution on a state level.  It is more expensive than the normal doctors recommendations.  At least in California, it is $166, where as doctors recommendations are $30 or so.  Every state is different though and prices will vary, just pay them and move onto the next task.  Notice on the picture to the right, the real state issued card does not put your name anywhere on the card.  Kind of cool, huh?

In the next article, we will talk about the next step: The journey to the hydroponic store.  So many things on the shelves, so many things to buy.  Grow Supplies Galore! With only a limited budget, what do I spend it on?  What will make me grow killer stuff and 40x my investment?