How to Grow Weed: Day 2


80,000 Watt grow that in the future you will be the Master Grower of calling the shots.

Hello everyone and welcome back to day 2 of how to become a master grower.  Now that you have your medical recommendation and hopefully your state issued identification card as well we can get started.

I forgot to add in the last article, Day 1, that it will take some money and space to get started.  If you don’t have the money, you have to find a way to get it.  You need to borrow it from a friend, work and save, whatever you need to do you need a little money, or a credit card with a limit of at least a few thousand dollars.

Go to the nearest hydroponic store and bring your cash or credit card with you.  Just to let you know, you will have to keep coming back here many times as every situation is different and you will always run into issues and find yourself making several trips to Home Depot and the Hydroponic Store at the beginning.  Do now be alarmed, this is normal.  You will need a 1000 watt HPS light with hood, ballast, and bulb.  Do not buy any LED lights.  Just don’t.  Typically they come in a complete kit and will cost you around $300-$350.  Stay away from electronic ballasts and Hortilux bulbs, they are not necessary and to costly, especially for your initial investment.  The cheapest

Cinder Block Ballast

Cinder Block Ballast – Are really called magnetic ballasts

bulbs will work and the white extremely heavy, almost like cinder block ballasts will be fine.  They may be obsolete by now, if they are, buy the cheapest electronic ballast available.

You will need a 6×6 mylar grow tent, and I suggest you buy this online rather than at the hydroponic store.  You will save hundreds of dollars doing this.

Inline Fan

Inline Fan

You will need a 6 inch or 8 inch inline fan (this inline fan needs to fit the size of your light hoods dimensions as well.)  You will need to buy 25 feet of 6 inch or 8 inch metal ducting.  You will also need to buy one carbon filter in medium size, don’t spend over $100 on this, and have the dimensions on the ducting connector as well match the outlet/inlet holes on the inline fans you have.  It is typically good to have the  same size of the diameters which the ducting goes around on the lights and on the filters to be same, or else you will have to buy different size ducting and tools called reducers to size up the ducting to the inlet/outlet holes.

The carbon filter and the first inline fan remove the odors, and the other inline fan and ducting will remove the heat that your 1000watt HPS light will generate.

Mylar grow tent

Mylar grow tent

So, right about now you should be at home with a grow tent all set up in your house with a 1000 watt light hanging in it and a carbon filter inside the tent in a corner with one of the inline fans connected on top of it.  This inline fan connected to the carbon filter will recirculate and de-odorize any pungent smells in the room on a constant basis.

Indoor lamp sample

Sample 1000 watt light inside a grow tent

Next, cut about 6 feet of ducting off the 25 foot roll and connect it to one side of the HPS light and have it go through one of the holes in the tent at the top so that it is sticking outsize of the tent.

Take another 12 foot piece of ducting and connect it to the other side of the HPS light and drag it through a hole on the other side of the tent.  Drag this 12 foot long  piece of ducting and connect it to your other inline fan which you are going to place outside of the tent and close to a window.

Take the last 7 foot piece and put it up very close to the window.  Be sure to have your inline fan that you have outside the tent sucking air in and blowing it through your ducting that will blow through your light.

What this does is bring in fresh air from the outside, brings it through your light that is generate heat, and then blows it back outside, so your room, plants and you won’t have to encounter and meet all of the heat.

Bringing in fresh air from the outside near the window with your ducting

Bringing in fresh air from the outside near the window with your ducting bring it back out.  You will need to get additional ducting to draw the air that you are blowing into the room back outside so you may need additional ducting.

Again, let’s go over the supplies I mentioned above.

1)  (1) 1000 watt HPS light with preferably a non electronic ballast.
2)  (1) 25 feet long rolls of metal ducting in 6 or 8 inch
3)  (1) Carbon filter
4)  (2) Inline fans
5)  (1) 6×6 mylar grow tent
5)  You will need more things, but I will talk about that later.  Just get this stuff all done first before you move on.  One step at a time…