How To Grow Weed: Day 3


80,000 Watt grow that in the future you will be the Master Grower of calling the shots.

Hello and welcome back to this wonderful parade of articles on how to grow and do it right, from a beginner all the way until a Master Grower.  We have taken a slow start in the past couple of days.  Everything that is discussed should not be over-looked.  It is not a good time to get creative.  you can get creative once you have had several successful grows.  Just keep it simple, take the instructions, and you will succeed very easily.  Get creative and start doing things on your own, good luck to you.

You need to do all of the things stated or else you will encounter more difficulties later on.  And, addressed are things that you need to do now in order to keep moving along the path.  We are going along a path you have never been on so you need a hand to hold with someone that does have the right directions to the destination.  You are welcome to do as you think you should and buy something that you simply want to buy simply because you want so badly to have it.  But, it is not what you want to do, it is what you have to do.  If you want to do it the easiest way possible and encounter the least amount of troubles and succeed with the greatest probability simply follow this route.

Coco, made from coconuts.  This medium has no nutrients and you don't want to buy it.

Coco, made from coconuts. This medium has no nutrients & the author recommends to grow in soil.

The guy at the hydroponic store says grow in coco?  ”It will give you more yield!  It is cool! ”  We are growing in soil, so if you decide to grow in coco, you will not have a 100% chance of succeeding as everything talked about is how to grow in soil.  Coco and hydroponics is an entirely different.  There are some things to do so let’s get moving.

For additional information on grow mediums, please visit this section of the blog:  Growing Mediums

First of all we did not discuss this in the past articles, but you need to choose a location that you have control over.  you cannot choose an indoor location to grow that you do not have the property control over.  You cannot grow at a friends place, and you cannot grow at your house if your parents or roommates are not ok with it.  You need to choose a location that is close to you as well or you will kill your wallet, your car and yourself driving there and back everyday.  Also, it is best to live in the same place as the plants are growing the first couple times to get to know them.  Plants talk, and if you observe and listen to them, they will tell you what they like, and what they don’t like, far beyond what one can write about.

Now that you have your first tent set up with your 1000 watt HPS light, carbon filter, ducting, and inline fans, now it is time to setup your Veg Room (short for vegetative room.) Yes, that is right, the other room with your 1000 watt HPS that we setup in day 2 was your Flowering Room.

For more information on lighting, please visit this section of the blog: Lighting

T5 8-Bulb fluorescent lighting system.

T5 8-Bulb fluorescent lighting system.

So, you will need to buy another mylar tent, about 4×4 feet.  Buy this online, once again to save money.  Go to your nearest hydroponic store and buy a fluorescent lighting system called a T-5, and the big version, with 8 bulbs.  It should cost around $200 or so.


Ratchet Hangers

Ratchet Hangers

Also buy two sets of ratchet hangers. Ratchet hangers come in pairs of two and are a very easily adjustable pulleying system with rope to adjust the height of your lights in your flowering room (tent) and in your vegetative room (tent.)

After your vegetative tent is setup, go to your nearest hydroponics store again or wherever you get your grow supplies and buy:

1)  (25) 5 gallon plastic throwaway pots – about $15
2)  (5) large bails of Fox Farm’s Happy Frog Soil – about $100
3)  (20) extra large plastic pot trays for the plastic 5 gallon pots to sit on – about $50
4)  (2) 25 foot extension cords (Home Depot) – about $30
5)  (1) Hanna PPM meter – about $50
6)  (2) 5 Gallon buckets (Home Depot) – about $5
7)  (1) gallon each of General Organics BioThrive Grow And Bloom – about $125
8)  (1) 1/8 gallon of Humboldts Secret Golden Tree – about $45
9)  (1) temperature gauge that has a cord with a tip and can hang over something and give out a reading of a temperate in a specific spot ( in this case the temperature that will be under the light and right where the plants are at their tallest point.)

Now, with your new tools we are ready to bring in the clones.  And I am not talking about anything having to do with a movie that Will Smith was in.

Where are we headed now?  We are headed to A+ marijuana genetics town.  Where you will get the cream of the crop, the strongest genetic plants in the world, at one of the most popular and highly visited dispensaries in the entire world.   If you don’t live there already, pack your bags, we are going up to the heart of Northern California.

Hello Steve DeAngelo.  Hello Harborside.

Steve DeAngelo, owner of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California.

Steve DeAngelo, owner of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California.