How To Grow Weed: Day 4

80,000 Watt grow that in the future you will be the Master Grower of calling the shots.

80,000 Watt grow that in the future you will be the Master Grower of calling the shots.

Hi and welcome back to the 4th day in this 30 day chronicle.  We left off packing our bags and preparing for a long trip to Northern California’s and possibly the world’s largest dispensary, Harborside, in San Francisco.

We are venturing to this spot because having great genetics for the plants you are growing is absolutely essential to having a grow go right.  You cannot go to any shops in your local area and buy clones and trust that they will be good.  You must go to a well vouched for place, with a great resume.  Harborside collective in San Francisco has this resume of great genetics.  If you live out of state you must find a local place in your town, or a friend, who has guaranteed high yielding and superior genetics to others.

OG Kush

OG Kush

Something to note:  Stay away from OG’s and Blue dreams.  OG’s will be a little bit tough the first time to get right and blue dream is so saturated in the market that you may encounter issues getting rid of it.  It would be best if you found 2 different strains which are a hybrid and high yielder, which you have seen the end results of, or know for certain they will come out right.

You will need about 20 clones, which will cost about $100-$300 ($5-$15 a piece.)  Once you have acquired them and bring them back to your grow spot, put them in your 4×4 tent with your 8 bulb T5.

Begin to open your happy frog soil bags and fill your 5 gallon pots that you bought before.  Fill them to the brim.  Insert the newly found clones into the 5 gallon full pots.

Take your 5 gallon bucket you bought from Home Depot and fill it up with Tap Water from your tap.  Insert enough BioThrive Grow into the 5 gallon bucket to make it read 700-800ppm’s on your ppm meter.  Then, add 2ml/gallon of Golden Tree.  Mix it around, and feed all 20, full 5 gallon pots with the clones in it about a cup or two each.  Try and feed around the clone and not directly onto the bottom of.  You are going to want to feed around the clone in a circular motion because you will want the roots to try and reach for the nutrient filled water.  Eventually, you will want to fill enough water in the pots so that the entire 5 gallon pot of soil is full of water and is leaking out of the bottom.  When this begins to happen, or even before, you will want to insert your extra large trays you purchased before beneath the pots to catch the water.

You will want to feed the plants every 2-4 days a little bit, and as they grow larger, you will feed them more often as they will be drinking and growing more.  Think of it as a growing baby eating small amounts as a child and as they grow older devouring larger portions.  Feed them the nutrient mix of 700ppm’s of base nutrient and 2ml/gallon of Golden Tree every feeding.

Have an oscillating fan blow air around in the tent.  You can place this fan in the tent, and face it towards a wall of the tent, away from the plants.  This will not make so much air blowing on the plants as to annoy them, but rather the air will hit the wall and spread throughout the tent evenly.  The leaves of the plants will dance gently and peacefully.  Leave the lights on 24 hours a day at this point.

Topped plant

Topped plant

After about a week or so they should be about 6-8 inches tall, and at this point, cut off the top 1 inch of all of the plants.  ”Topping” is what is it called.  This will make the energy of the growth transfer into other sections of the plants, and create several new tops.  Think of it as cutting of Medusa’s head and having 3 grow back.

As well as doing this, as the plants continue to grow, make sure you remove all of the bottom growing stuff.  You want to “clean up” the bottom of the plant, so that all of the energy and growth transfers to the top.

Now, go to your flower room and turn on the light for it.  Make sure that the outlet and

Tripped 20 amp breaker.  Notice the position that it is in compared to the others.

Tripped 20 amp breaker. Notice the position that it is in compared to the others.

fuse that you have this 1000 watt HPS plugged into is not on the same fuse with the T-5 Bulb you have.  If they are, and you have a 15 amp breaker, you will trip the breaker.  You need to get extension cords and have one or the other be on another outlet in a different section of the house.  Consult your electrician for additional advice.

You will need to buy a timer and set that up so that the hours of it are on from 3pm-9am. (on 18 hours a day and off 6 hours a day.)  If you are confused on how to set the timer up, ask a hydroponics shop.  Also, you will need to make sure that your temperature in your flowering room does not exceed 75 degrees.

10,000 BTU Air Conditioner Hooked up to a window to vent out the heat

10,000 BTU Air Conditioner Hooked up to a window to vent out the heat

It may be required that you will need a portable Air conditioning Unit which you can put inside the tent.  You can find a 10,000 BTU (The minimum BTU’s you want) one on craigslist for about $200.  Test to make sure it works by leaving it running for at least 10 minutes before buying.  This will save you about $400 from buying it new at Home Depot.  Also, set the A/C temperature at 72.  If you decide to put the A/C in the tent ( it should be a self evaporating one) you need to take the air outlet of the A/C and stick it through a hole in the tent, and may be required to make an additional concoction of parts together to vent this heat as well out the window.  Turn the inline fan on as well to vent the heat out of the tent.  Also, you will need to have this A/C connected to a different outlet that is on a different circuit than the 1000watt HPS and the T-5 8 Bulb, so you may need to get another extension cord.  Again, consult your electrician.

So, now that we know you have tested your flowering room tent and made sure that the heat is stabilized at no higher than 75 degree, it is time to transfer some plants into there.

For more information on environment, please visit this section of the blog:  Environment

After about 2 weeks in the vegetative state it is time to transfer 6 of your plants into the flowering room.  But wait, we are not flowering yet.  You are going to turn on the 1000watt HPS light and veg these plants that are about 12 inches tall out for about 2 more weeks.  You want these plants to be bushy all around, with no bottom growing stuff, and about 20 tops on them because you continually topped them as they grew taller.  After the first topping, you topped all the other new heads.  So, you kind of have 20 snake heads at the top now.  The 6 plants by the time you flower should be about 18-20 inches tall.  Vegetating the plants for another 2 weeks under this HPS light will help speed up the process of turning them into monsters.

All the while your vegetative room is running with the other clones still in it growing.  What are you going to do with these?  Well, turn them into mothers, and cut many more clones with those mothers so that you can pay back the money you have invested so far.  You now have an income stream that will support your future bills such as electric bill, rent, etc…  You do not have a veg room, you have a veg room and a money printer.

For more information on how to cut clones, please visit this part of the blog: How To Cut Clones

Snip…$5.  Snip $5.  Snip….$5…