How To Grow Weed Day 7

80,000 Watt grow that in the future you will be the Master Grower of calling the shots.

80,000 Watt grow that in the future you will be the Master Grower of calling the shots.

Welcome back to day 7.

Now that you have made it through the whole growing cycle and you have some plants to chop down, it’s time to get at it!

It has been a long road to your first harvest so lets get to getting some of that initial investment back.

You will need some gloves, some trimmers, and some green tie things, which you already have from tying up the branches to the stakes.

Steps for harvesting:


1) Cut the plant at the bottom and turn it upside down.

2) Take a long piece of the green tying stuff and tie it around the bottom of the branch, but around one of the branches so it is gripping something.

3)  Tie this to a clothes hanger, or some other kind of rack that stands tall and has a lot of room for the other plants.

4)  Cut off all of the very large leaves, not the ones with the trichomes (sugar) on it, bag them up, and throw them in the corner to be discarded.

5)  Repeat this with all of the plants so that all of them are upside down hanging, the

Harvested plant hanging upside down

Harvested plant hanging upside down

plants are tied from the bottom and hanging from the hanger, and cut off all of the large leaves.

6) Now that your flowering room is cleared out, you need to move your plants which are ready to be switched to flower into your flowering tent.  You want to already have the plants from veg ready so that you can get another crop going ASAP.  You want 6 harvests a year, and this kind of approach will get you there.  You need a harvest every 60 days or so.

7) Turn the lights off in the drying room (or a portion of any room which doesn’t get hot and can stay dark) and turn on an oscillating fan, and come back in 1 week.

8)  Please see the Manicuring, Drying, and Trimming section of the blog for more details.

So now you are on a continual cycle, where you have cuttings you are taking from mothers, clones which are beginning to root, babies which are growing, teens which are being prepared to switch to flower, and plants that have just started to flower, and plants which have just been harvested and are ready to be turned into finished marijuana high grade connoisseur bud.  I think that was a run on but I will leave it.

So if you are getting the whole picture, the only way to make it in this game is to constantly have things happening, plants at every stage, and product which is being prepared.  Some people make the mistake of thinking they do not need a veg room, and they can simply buy clones, veg them in the flowering room, and then harvest them, dry them in the flowering room, and then once all that is done, sell the bud, and buy more clones and start all over.  YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT THIS WAY.  NEVER.  YOU WILL LOSE.  So don’t do it and take my advice and buy a veg room and have all of the things I have stated occur on a constant basis and you will make it.

Next we will talk about how to get rid of all of your finished product, because weed doesn’t sell itself.  You may not know anyone who buys weed yet as you are a first time grower, but you soon will, because you do not have choice.  In becoming a master grower you must learn the trade of vending to shops (dispensaries.)