How to Pick the Best Plant Fertilizers

Golden Tree and Bud CandyMany people in the industry of growing, or people who are deciding to get into the industry of growing have a tough time choosing which products to use.  There is so much information that is told to us as newbie growers which products are the bomb.  I remember the first time I ever went to a hydroponic store about 6 years ago and I purchased an overpriced nutrient line.  The store worker told me it was awesome, and he said he used it, and that I would get great results.  Of course, I figured he was the expert and that it had to work.   Little did I know that he was a bias person on the subject, because he worked for a company that benefits off my purchase.  The product most likely was being pitched to me because there was a substantial amount of profit in it for them.

If you are a first time cannabis grower and you are looking for some plant fertilizers to use,  pick your nutrients based on results from unbiased people on the subject.   That is, people who have nothing to gain or lose.

One nutrient I can firmly say that has worked for me and my friends with increasing our yields, making our plants stress and pest resilient, and speeding up the growth of our plants is the hydroponic nutrient golden tree  It is only an additive and not a complete plant nutrient.  Be sure you don’t use Golden Tree by itself and that you also pick a solid company and product line to use in conjunction with it for your base nutrients in veg and bloom to use as well.

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  1. That’s for the advice on this. I’m going to take into consideration because when it comes to gardening I know nothing.

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