Humboldt’s Secret Golden Tree and My Own Personal Nutrient Challenge. Which product out there provides the best nutrients for growing weed?

purp-budsI read a lot of grower chatter on the net, largely because I am all about trial and error and improving my game. If I can learn better growing techniques from the next guy, more power to me, and more power to him for sharing the knowledge.  If we can all at least agree on one thing, it’s that this community does have to work in the spirit of sharing, we’re already up against enough pressure externally…enough said there.

A while back, I came across an older article which I found to be tremendous. I’ve seen so much garbage out there of recycled marketing fodder touting one product over the others, and frankly have had a really hard time finding good reviews and clearly presented information that I could have strong confidence in, but this article, and the writer’s approach impressed me:

Give it a read, it’s refreshing to see the scientific and straightforward approach here in trying to determine what the heck is actually the best nutrient out there to help us growers get an edge on bigger yields, faster growth and healthier plants.  The “Nutrient Challenge” that the author orchestrated was done back in 2004, and frankly a lot has changed on the playing field of available nutrients out there.  There are so many products making various claims that it’s downright confusing and burdensome to try to grasp it all without a ton of study.

So after reading that carefully conducted study and about how great Advanced Nutrients came out of it looking, I thought that I would like to bring this great approach back from 2004 and figure out if any of the newer dogs on the block might even be better.  In my next post, I’m going to let you guys in on where I went from there…stay tuned

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