Hydroton Grow Benefits

hydroton-rootingHydroton is a growing medium composed of expanded clay pebbles. Hydroton pebbles can be found in the grow rooms of virtually every style of hydroponic grower, but they are particularly favored by growers of flowers and growers who grow some vegetables like cannabis and peppers. They hold plenty of moisture, are PH Neutral, have great air circulation and are affordable on any budget.
Although hydroton is not as moisture retentive as say Rock Wool, it holds enough moisture to keep the root ball from drying out and is preferred by most growers because of the fact that is virtually impossible to over water and kill your crop. Hydroton drains very well, and if over watering occurs and is caught early enough it can be easily  fixed. One can simply hold back water and let the hydroton drain out, which it tends to do better then any other medium.
With hydroton, you can rest a little bit easier about finding the proper pH balance. In hydroponics, you want to make sure that your pH always stays under 6.3 and above 5.6. If they start head outside of this range, you plant will start to be deprived or certain essential nutrients. Some hydroponic media are either acid or alkaline, which, while certainly manageable, can make having an ideal pH in you hydroponic garden a little more difficult. Hydroton is pH neutral, which means that you do not have to deal with any of these kinds of worries.
Oxygen is crucial to your roots and a lack of it will only result in root rot and other undesirable conditions. Fortunately, hydroton provides plenty of air flow to your roots, which is an essential component of allow thing to get thick enough to produce those massive yields you see in the magazines.
Growers also prefer using Hydroton for the simple fact that it is SUPER affordable, can be bought in bulk and is reusable. That’s right…reusable. Once a grower is done with his or her crop and ready to “recycle” the hydroton stones, simply wash them thoroughly with VERY VERY light soap (1-2 drops). Then rinse thoroughly. Be sure to rinse the soap very well as to not leave any residue for the next use. Once the Hydroton is dry it is then ready to reuse.

Used Hydroton? Think it sucks or is better then other mediums, why? Leave a comment about your experience with hydroton below for others to read, thank you.

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