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hygroMy Recent Stumbles and Leaps:

The Brown, Slimy Truth about Wasting Your Hard Earned Dollars on Hygrozyme  Enzyme Product, and My “Happy Ending” After Discovering Humboldts Secret Golden Tree Product.

First, some insight into a recent stupid mistake of mine:

We growers all know that we have to be careful with the huge sea of grow products and nutrient additives out there. Just walking into the local hydroponics store and taking advice at face value from the salesperson without some experienced background information on performance or results can be very risky.  Recently, I’ve been becoming more interested in the area of root health for my little ladies.  I wanted to learn more about root cleaning with a goal towards allowing them to be able to absorb more nutrients and to be able to help get rid of any potentially bad bacteria that might promote brown roots and root rot forming.  What I first was able to find out what that in the hydroponics world there are products called “enzyme” products that address this area.

First off, a little background for those who are new to this as to what are enzymes and how they work.  Enzymes are special molecules that serve as catalysts for chemical reactions. In short, they make shit happen.  They can be very useful in your root zone by breaking down debris or junk in the root zone that would otherwise rot and promote a “root rot” or brown roots scenario, providing bad fodder for bad bacteria that can promote disease for your plant. At the worst, all of this could ultimately kill your plant or, at a minimum, could severely impair your plants ability to absorb nutrients – resulting in poor growth and bad yields. You get the picture.

I don’t want to even go into the ridiculous amount of enzyme products out there and how it seems impossible to pick out which one might be the best from trying to glean anything from product labels and manufacturer’s info.  So, for lack of a better choice, I got my hands on a product called Hygrozyme In the back of my mind I had remembered stumbling across more than  a few positive reviews from growers online in various forums about it.  My trusted Hydroponics salesperson was able to cash in on this unintentionally when he recommended the product to me as soon as I mentioned the word “enzyme” to him during my next visit to the store.  He wanted to sell me a big ass bucket of this stuff for 500 smackeroos, which was, at that time, light years beyond my budget, so I thought it would be best to get the small container for 40 dollars, since this was my first foray into experimenting with enzyme products.

I’ll have to admit, I did feel a little bit like a complete sucker after I decided to go with the salesperson’s advice for the single-most important product out there. Thank God I at least had enough sense to only invest the $40 on the small batch.

I decided to really put this stuff to the test by using it on one small portion of my crop while letting the majority of my ladies grow the same way I had always done crops up until then…meaning sans enzymes.  The crop I was launching at that time was rock wool based and after adding the Hygrozome, I didn’t see any noticeable benefits on my grow or yield rates as compared to earlier crops.  I even went so far as to closely examine my root zone post harvest.  I wasn’t able to see any difference between the roots of the Hygrozyme zone versus my standard plants.  I was also able to see plant debris and gunkiness still on the roots of the Hygrozyme zone plants.

Another mistake I made.  I should have first checked out the damn Hygrozyme company web-site before I made a decision to invest in this product. After I wasn’t able to spot any beneficial results from my experiment, I went to the site to try to get some more info on what was in the product or at the very least to try to consult directly with them for perhaps some better pointers or explanations.  I was really shocked with the amateurish site that had basically no useful information. It was obvious no investment had been put into getting clear, professional information out for the customers.  Another thing that scared me was how their website was laden with pop up ad programs that sent about 6 alarms off on my browser protection alerts.  My browser basically told me to “get the hell out of there” which I promptly did.

On my next visit to my hydroponics store, I gave the salesman I mentioned earlier a good earful, and just after I finished, another customer came up to me who had overheard it.  He mentioned that he had also used the product with a deep water re-circ setup. What he had run into was that he kept getting the growth of brown algae along with slimy roots.  He had also run into mysterious, super-sudden drops in PH that would last anywhere from 2 to 3 days before his counter-measures helped to remedy.


So in short, for the kind of money they are asking you to invest, I cannot recommend Hygrozyme as a product that common sense has helped me to see didn’t offer me any great results.

———————————And Now, the Flip Side! ——–

On a much more positive note, on my last crop, I decided to give Humboldts Secret Golden Tree a trial run on a small test portion of my total crop.  I had heard great things about it from a couple of grower friends of mine who have always been a huge help to me with their advice ever since I entered into the game.  This time around, I decided to not repeat the mistakes I’ve made before, and I went to the product’s website first with the goal in mind of trying to interact with their customer service and task them with putting my mind at ease and to really “sell” me their product and talk me through any doubts I had.  I must say they were incredibly patient in dealing with my myriad of annoying technical questions over e-mail, and always were prompt in getting back to me with details that I found to be credible.  After trying the product and seeing the tremendous growth results and higher yield, I’m a believer!  The other cool thing I love about this juice is that its derived from seaweed extract.  I can’t say enough about my positive experiences with either eating that stuff or using it as part of my fertilizer regimen (sprinkling the seaweed directly into my soil) in the past.   Taste-wise and potency-wise, after growing my crop with the Golden Tree, it was one of the best tasting and punch packing crop I have ever been a part of! Thrill On!

-Contributed by Thrillweed McSneed

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Eh, I'd rather go with Golden Tree

Oct 12, 2015 by Grower Madman

I tried Hygrozyme and didn't really notice much. Then I try Golden Tree and of course you notice things pretty quick. So ya, it doesn't quite make sense to spend so much on Hygrozyme when I do not even know if it does anything...

Humboldts Secret Grow Guide , USA 2.0 2.0 1 1 I tried Hygrozyme and didn't really notice much. Then I try Golden Tree and of course you notice things pretty quick. So ya, it doesn't quite make sense to spend so much on Hygro

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