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mother-earth-super-tea-bloom-1ltADVANCED NUTRIENTS – Mother Earth Super Tea:

The Mother of All Teas?  Hearty ingredients rule the day in this “super tea.” Combination of alfalfa extract, canola meal, crab meal, earthworm castings, fish meal, sea kelp, and shrimp meal creates a strong marriage of surf and turf to nourish your plants.  The chitin (substance used for hard outer shells) from the crab and shrimp meals provides a strong ingredient for healthy plant structure and environmental resilience. This tea’s alfalfa extract alone provides 80 phytochemicals that target your plants’ full flowering potential.  Growers have reported enhanced fragrance, taste and flower and fruit quality.  Works well in indoor or outdoor applications, and is useful in resuscitating depleted soils. Product is available in 1L, 4L, and 10L size bottles.

One Gallon Golden TreeEDITOR’S NOTE: HUMBOLDTS SECRET GOLDEN TREE easily replaces ADVANCED NUTRIENTS – Mother Earth Super Tea  and hundreds of other products currently on the market! 

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