Odor Control

Carbon Filters

Carbon Filters

Often considered one of daily life’s ongoing battles, odor control is no less important in the realm of your plants!  It’s of a major concern to you as a privacy and security issue if you live like most people do, in close proximity to other neighbors or persons who could be inconvenienced by the strong and very pervasive odor that is going to emanate from your plants.  If you are lucky enough to be operating your grow room out of an isolated location or structure, this area becomes of less concern to you.

Let’s look at some effective techniques to help manage this:

  • CARBON FILTERS:  Installed in conjunction with your exhaust fan and any ducting, these charcoal filled cylinders will remove odor from the air.  It will be important for you to maintain relatively slow air flow in a very dry room with less than 60% relative humidity for this to work well.

Out of the three solutions, CARBON FILTERS are the most effective at eliminating odors from your growing room crop.

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