What happens if you grow your marijuana without using nutrients or if you give too much nutrients to your plants?

We live in an “organic” age where “all natural” and “green” methods have adopted an aura of being the most pure and beneficial for producing things that we are going to consume into our bodies, right?  While all of this is true, it doesn’t amount to any growing expert wanting to tell you to not… Read More »

A Review of Humboldts Secret Golden Tree’s Performance in my Own Little “Nutrient Challenge 2013”

Some of you probably read my last write-up on that great “Nutrient Challenge” article I caught a while back.  To refresh your memory or for those that didn’t, here’s that article link: http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/3158.html So, after deciding to stage my own version of the “Nutrient Challenge,” for the betterment of growers kind everywhere (actually just so… Read More »