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rhizotonicCANNA’s – Rhizotonic

 CANNA’s Rhizotonic is a root stimulator that has been super-fortified with multiple trace elements and vitamins such as B1 & B2.  Over 60 “microbiological substances” are part of this mix as well with the end goal being that of speeding up root growth while maintaining a “balanced root environment.”  The added vitamins also enhance hormone production with the end goal of making stronger roots. This product is tailored to stimulate new root growth on cuttings and transplants…when they need the help the most.  It’s flexible on use, being suitable for any grow medium (soil and hydro), and it can be used to spray directly on your plants.  Has the side benefit of being a simple way to raise pH levels in your fertilizer tank. It’s an algae based product and is also billed as a way to improve you’re your plants’ resistance to diseases.

One Gallon Golden TreeEDITOR’S NOTE: HUMBOLDTS SECRET GOLDEN TREE easily replaces CANNA’s Rhizotonic and hundreds of other products currently on the market! 

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