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Humboldt Secret is a California based nutrient company dedicated to the art of the grow. After years of refining the perfect supplement for plants, Humboldts Secret is proud to announce the launch of Golden Tree! What is Golden Tree?

For over 20 years an old school group of Humboldt growers who have been at the top of the game have finally decided to retire from growing. They leave a secret recipe that they used for those 20 years that helped them achieve higher yields and better quality flowers than their competition. This secret nutrient is Golden Tree.

We are starting to see a large amount of positive reviews and feedback from our revolutionary formula, Golden Tree. Humboldt Secret offers Golden Tree Nutrient Supplement online or at your local Hydroponics shop. Visit, we ship discreetly and offer free shipping on certain orders. See what all the hype is about!

Humboldts Secret Grow Guide and Blog is dedicated in making you a better grower, and in providing the necessary tools and information to produce higher yields from your crops.

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