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Sensizym_4LADVANCED NUTRIENTS – Sensizym:

This enzyme concentrate product has more than 80 enzymes that benefit a wide variety of plant functions.  The major benefit is in breaking down detrimental (old, dead) root zone materials. This in turn clears the way for increased nutrient uptake by your plants. This uptake will include an increase in starches, carbs, and the necessary elements for rapid growth and the highest yields on your crop.  These enzymes also improve the root environment for helpful microbes to do their job in fending off detrimental pathogens.  Product purports to increase cell replication for faster growth, as well as to improve “drought resistance.” We sure hope you’re not operating in drought conditions!  Shelf life is always a concern, especially with enzyme based products, and Sensizym offers a long one of 18 months.  Product comes in 1L, 4L, 10L and 23L sized bottles.

One Gallon Golden TreeEDITOR’S NOTE: HUMBOLDTS SECRET GOLDEN TREE easily replaces ADVANCED NUTRIENTS – Sensizym and hundreds of other products currently on the market!

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