Spending Less While Making More: Strategies for Growers To Save Money


Resource Management Strategies for Hydroponics Growers:  Spending Less While Freeing Up Resources for More Investment into Making Better Crops, Better Product. 

When we look closely at what’s going on at the grass-roots level with the dynamic between hydroponics growers and hydroponics stores, we can see some interesting things going on. We can also easily pick up on some good moves for the future that are going to be very beneficial for both growers and retail store operators in the long term.  The great news for everyone is that that these good moves are easy to put into place in the short term.

One thing we are noticing consistently on the storefront of things is a veritable clutter of products that serve to confuse the playing field for the beginner or average grower.  So many products doing the same thing…3 bottles of nutrient products to be combined under one system or regimen.  Which product or company do you trust?  How knowledgeable is your local hydro salesperson?  What research do you need to do up front?  What’s the most bang for your buck?

Several things are going on beyond just cluttered shelves with too many copy-cat, doppelganger products sporting fancy, sexy packaging labels. One issue is that retail store owners are putting them in the position of tying themselves up with a lot of stock that has low profit margins. Another piece of the pie is in determining on how to emphasize more sales on growing supplies like lighting, growth systems like CO2, heating, air and nutrient circulation systems, growth mediums…etc.  The list goes on and one.  With limited shelf space for most, in all of the sea of confusion how much of the average grower’s budget is being emphasized towards overbuying or wasting money on trying out the latest fad nutrient when resources could be better utilized on investment into a grower’s permanent  equipment and systems infrastructure?

The old adage of what’s better for the gander is better for the goose couldn’t apply more aptly here.  One of Humboldts Secret Golden Tree’s chief goals is to offer a single product that can kill many birds with one stone, replacing several various products and giving you maximum results from one purchase.  This benefits growers directly by cutting out much of the chaos over what products to buy in such a sea of confusing clutter.  It also frees up resources accordingly for the growers giving them more freedom of choice as to how to better invest in their overall growing operation.  Less time wasted, better crops, higher yields and higher profits!  All of these positive factors directly benefit the hydroponics store operators as well, giving them more diversified sales from less burdened, happier growers as well as a higher profit margin on nutrient product sales from Golden Tree. Humboldts Secret makes it a point create a larger profit margin on our product for sellers as compared to our direct competitors.  Guaranteed!

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