The Medical Marijuana Current

big-grow-opAs we embark on this interesting point in time where the “harmful” and “deadly” plant flower marijuana is becoming more and more legal, we begin to see a pattern which has occurred in our history before.   Such was the case with alcohol during the prohibition.  The government did not like the population having free access to something which they seemed to like (alcohol), even though the government thought it was harmful and in their best interest to protect the public by making alcohol illegal.  State after state after state continue to make it increasingly less illegal than it once was.

Publicly traded stocks are now in clear and public view that are based around the marijuana trade.  Although the DEA and the government continue to throw blows towards the industry and people who are advocates of it, such as Jovan Jackson, we see that their blows are not strong enough to fight the current of the public.  As in the book 1984 by George Orwell, oppression of the public by the government can only last so long until some people stand up, who are backed up, by many more.  Key people who are leading the fight in the court rooms like Joe Elford are helping the stream flow faster and faster.  The way it looks, within 10 years marijuana may be available in the toothpaste aisle at Ralphs.

One thought on “The Medical Marijuana Current

  1. Interesting article. I wonder what it would be like in the future to go out to the grocery store and buy pot. I see the change in legalizing pot the same way the prohobity era was like. It’s possible.

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