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wet bettyADVANCED NUTRIENTS – Wet Betty:

 Is wetter better? We’re going to file this one under the “nutrient additive” category. Truth be told, it’s more of a “nutrient additive helper” than anything else.  Product specifications aside, this one takes the all time award for “Most Provocatively Named and Packaged Nutrient Additive,” and it rivals the most risque’ of any WWII bomber nose art ever painted!  Chemically, this is a surfactant which is a substance that lowers the surface tension of a liquid, in this case, nutrient which water which is feeding your plants.  It’s recommended for use on leaves and in the root zone for better absorption of moisture and nutrients. In a nutshell, Wet Betty improves nutrient mobility and improves cellular permeability of your plants.  In this way, your plants can get at the nutrients faster and more efficiently.

One Gallon Golden TreeEDITOR’S NOTE: HUMBOLDTS SECRET GOLDEN TREE easily replaces ADVANCED NUTRIENTS – Wet Betty and hundreds of other products currently on the market!

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