What is better Hydroponics or Soil?


For decades there has been a debate over what is better, soil or hydroponics? Grows have argued which medium is better for cannabis to grow in, and ultimately is going to produce the biggest buds and colas.

One of the biggest benefits of hydroponics is that the grower it is much less likely to be dealing with as many pests, bugs and nats as one does in a soil based grow. Bugs can crawl into the soil, or be there from the get go and lay eggs in the soil that can be treated, but most of the time never cured, just managed. On the other hand, a hyroponics grower is more likely to deal with mold and mildew, as more water flowing in the grow room and directly under the light causes higher humidity levels and breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Hydroponic growers will argue that the amount of “root space” is not limited to pot size like soil, and that nutrients can be more easier absorbed from the water rather then having to be “found” by the roots like soil. Hydroponics also almost provide the plant with a ready stock of water and the root system does not need to be as “extensive” to absorb nutrient like a soil grow.

Soil growers will argue that hydroponics ruins the overall flavor of the finished flower, is just water weight and is far more work then required to grow a “weed”.┬áSoil based plants that are over nutrients are safer because the soil works with the plant to “carry” away the nutrients and flush the roots.

In conclusion, hydroponics carries several advantages over soil-growing and could benefit the grower in a number of ways. However, soil-growing has been tried and true for centuries and is certainly not inferior to hydroponics so long as the grower is diligent and careful.


2 thoughts on “What is better Hydroponics or Soil?

  1. I like growing in hydro to be honest…I kinda feel that if you care about quantity grow in hydro, but if you care about flavor and smoke quality grow in soil. I grew in both and definitely noticed a huge flavor and aroma increase using soil, but got far far less buds

    1. NO WAYS. I have been growing in soil for years and get 2 pounds a light. My nug is the best in town and no one touches the quality. I believe that you should grow in what you grow in best. If it is soil then do soil, if hydro do hydro.

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