What is the difference between organic and non-organic nutrients?

humboldts-secret-cc4The debate between non-organic and organic growers of marijuana about the pros and cons of either method has been raging on for some time and will probably not be settled anytime soon. We’re certainly not going to attempt to solve it here either, but what we can offer is some simple insight into what the qualitative differences are between organic and non-organic nutrients.  Without jumping into the fray it is important to note that your plants cannot tell the difference between inorganic or organic fertilizers. They do not concern themselves with where their nitrogen or phosphorus atoms come from. The main differences here are seen in how soil deals with the nutrients and how you can deliver the nutrition to your plants.

Organic fertilizers generally come in two forms:  One is manure based (horse, bat, etc.), and the other is in the form of a manure “tea.”  Pure manure base is probably better suited for outdoor growing given the odor you have to endure while using, while the “tea” is better suited for indoor grows.

Chemical or non-organic fertilizers are those that contain chemical salts. They also provide the plant food in ample quantities. In a later chapter we will go into some of the various advantages and disadvantages associated with both organic or non-organic fertilizers.  Suffice it to say that any reputable grower will be sure to flush the plants for several days prior to harvest with water in order to cleanse out the nutrient salts.

One thought on “What is the difference between organic and non-organic nutrients?

  1. I’d far rather go with organically grown, personally. The plants absorb the nutrients, and then those go into the user’s body. It may be cheaper or easier, but aren’t there health risks involved with this? It seems like the first step to turning marijuana into our current ‘tobacco’.

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