Zho Root Inoculant Reviews

zho rootBOTANICARE’s – Zho Root Inoculant

Before you get too excited, just know that this is not some sort of ancient Chinese Kung Fu herbal medicine, nor is it a title of any of the episodes of classic Start Trek.  Instead, it’s a mychorrihzae and trichoderma root inoculant. Any less interesting?  Listen further:  mychorrihzae and trichoderma are actually really cool. They’re beneficial fungi that colonize on, in and around your plants’ roots to create a symbiotic system that actually helps them to better absorb nutrients, fight off and regulate unhealthy pathogens and to better absorb elements like phosphorus and iron that are harder for plants to intake in their natural state.  The symbiotic environment also fosters root mass which makes for more efficient water and nutrient uptake by your plants.

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