Golden Tree Nutrients

1/8 Gallon
1/8 Gallon
  • Model: 1/8 Gallon Golden Tree
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  • Manufactured by: Humboldts Secret

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Details: Results will be noticed immediately (within 48-72 hours).

Remove ALL nutrient supplements that you are currently using. Meaning, if you are using any root stimulators, growth accelerators, bloom enhancers, and any other supplemental products, stop using them, as Golden Tree is a complete Nutrient Supplement. Raise your base nutrient solution in your resevoir to between 800-1100 PPM's ( Closer to 800 PPM's in veg and 1100 PPM's in flower.) Then, add 2ml per gallon of Golden Tree during the vegetative state, and 5ml per gallon during all of flowering phase. Stop use one week before harvest.

The 1/8th Gallon size makes up to 250 gallons of Golden Tree solution for veg state or 100 gallons of Golden Tree solution for flower state. Some people even use Golden Tree at half dose and see incredible results.

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