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Product Description

Increase the number of flowering sites per branch
Increase weight, density and other desirable traits.
Increase yields by up to 30%.

Applications of Phosphorus and Potassium during this critical growth phase results in vigorous growth and stimulates early flowering and setting of fruits thereby increasing the number and production of fruits per plant. Studies have shown yields per plant to be increased upwards of 30%

Flowering boosters have a long standing history in the hydroponic and agricultural industries. Thousands of growers use Flower Stacker to maximize their yields by harnessing the power of our clean running formula.

“Switching to Flower Stacker changed the game for me. Noticeably increased my yields and bottom line.”

- 12,000 Watt Grower in Lansing, Michigan

“Definitely saw a measurable increase in my yield. Easier to use and implement than other products out there.”

- 60,000 Watt Indoor Grower in Los Angeles, California

“We have used Flower Stacker for the past 2 years and I have consistently seen an increase in our yields. Precise formula that gets results.”

- Head Grower 60,000 sq.ft. Greenhouse in Salinas, California


Flower stacker

Love this stuff. Plants took right off the minute I started using it. I use this with golden tree and Humboldt plant enzymes. Plants are thriving right now.



I've compared this product to others of the same function and found it to be a very beneficial addition to any garden. Good stuff and the price is right.


Work Great

I have grown outdoors and now using this in my indoor grow. This is a really greate product by comparing the size of the outdoor flowers vs the indoor flowering. I am two weeks from the end of the indoor grow and so far all are twice the size. Will keep in my line of Nukes

How To Use

Starting at Week 3 Of Flower, use 1ml/gallon. Increase usage rate by 1ml/gallon each week until you reach a max of 8ml/gallon