Base A

Perfect and Strong balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Fulvic Acid and some other good stuff. Use between 5-14ml/gallon.

Base B

Perfect and Strong balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Fulvic Acid and some other good stuff. Use between 5-14ml/gallon.

Golden Tree

Our signature All-In-One additive. Has all the bells and whistles. Use rate between 1-5ml/gallon.

Flower Stacker

Flowering Booster for use after week 3 of flower. Use rate between 1-8ml/gallon.

Plant Enzymes

Highly concentrated enzymatic formula with a guaranteed content of 7,000 units/ml of active enzyme to help plants grow better and easer. Can be helpful when growing in hydroponics (Coco), Deep Water Culture and Aeroponics. Use rate of no more than 1ml/gallon.

Cal Mag & Iron

Helps correct common deficiencies. May be necessary if using Reverse Osmosis water. Also may be necessary depending on plant genetics. Use rate between 2-5ml/gallon.

About Us

CEO. Ben is just a grower that works on sharing his nutrients with other growers.

About Golden Tree

Welcome to, a site that helps growers grow better, save money, and simplify things and prevent chaos in the grow room.

We are a team that consists of scientists and old-school Humboldt growers. Since the early 90s we have been using Golden Tree to achieve higher yields and better quality flowers. Dedication and a search for the best nutrient additive helped us to develop Golden Tree.

Put simply, Humboldts Secret is a company designed to make one perfect nutrient additive.

Today, Golden Tree is available throughout North America, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

From Hobby to Profession

Back in the late 80s a group of friends and myself began working on creating the best nutrient additive for our plants. We did not know it at the time but that period changed our lives.

As Golden Tree grew in popularity and begun to be used by a large percentage of growers in Humboldt, producing Golden Tree as a hobby soon transformed into a fully fledged business.

Why Humboldts Secret?

This site is dedicated to helping other growers learn the skills of growing.

We started Humboldts Secret in the early 90s mainly because we wanted to share a secret to our success with the world.

If you would like more information on Humboldts Secret please get in touch through our contact page.

Humboldts Secret: The only company that understands your need for high yielding and accelerated growth!

If you are using additives made by other companies, you are losing yield and wasting money.

Why? Because their products were not designed for the crops you grow.

We had a team of top scientists and top growers create and test our product that will make your grow room produce more and more for you.

The crops you grow have special needs that only we have discovered through rigorous testing. And we have designed a product that will give your crops exactly what it needs on top of what it already gets.

We are the hardest working company in the industry.

We use expensive and valuable materials and we spend money on product upgrades via research and development.

Your crops will grow faster and yield more if you use Golden Tree.

Our website is constantly being upgraded and improved so you get the latest information, customer support, free newsletters, and online ordering.

We make it easy for you to improve your garden immediately by giving you the best information available anywhere.

What does our companies past, present and future mean for you? It means you can grow with the best, make the most of your garden, and know that Humboldts Secret Golden Tree is absolutely the best nutrient additive you can get for the crops you grow.

Golden Tree make it easier and less expensive for you to grow bigger and better crops.

If you want to grow the best, grow with the best.

Humboldts Secret- home of exhaustive research, proven science, and extraordinary yields!