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CalMag & Iron contains an exact balance of calcium, magnesium and iron specifically formulated to address any deficiencies that could be encountered. Many varieties of flowering plants require higher levels of these micronutrients than are immediately available. Supplemental CalMag & Iron remedy these deficiencies. CalMag & Iron is highly recommended for plants grown with coco coir medium or reverse osmosis water. Use CalMag & Iron as a root drench or foliar spray.

 How To: Use CalMag & Iron at a usage rate of 2-5 ml/gallon. CalMag & Iron can be used as a soil drench or foliar spray and is compatible in all mediums. Check out our Feed Chart for additional information.


    • If Golden Tree is an All-In-One additive why do we have additional additives
      • We firmly believe that all you need to succeed is Base A+B and Golden Tree (if you need CalMag because of your particular setup, then this will still be needed). Our additional additives are optional, and we provide them as a resource for use at individual growers discretion.
    • How often should I use CalMag & Iron?
      • Use between 1-3x/week, more or less depending on how well your plants are responding.
    • How do you measure 5ml?
      • A good reference is that 5ml =1tsp.
    • What dose should I use in Soil vs. DWC or Aeroponics?
      • For soil and most mediums you should follow the label directions; between 2.5-5ml/gallon. In hydroponics setups like DWC and Aeroponics, you should use half dosage.
    • So, I still want to use additional additives - can I stack CalMag & Iron with Golden Tree?
      • Yes! Just keep in mind Golden Tree is a very concentrated product so make sure you are not overwhelming your plants.
    • Does CalMag & Iron have any harmful PGRs?
      • Absolutely not. No products from Humboldts Secret are made with any harmful or banned PGRs.